Anker Farm is a place where good food, good music, and good friends meet.  Nan and Mac are creating a place worthy of the Bradetich Brothers who built the original dairy farm here in Bend in the early 1900's, but with a view of the future.  The long term vision is to have a farm with natural farming practices, an intimate destination restaurant that serves only food grown on the farm, and a first class, non-profit, music venue.  We want to offer a place for musicians to perform at no cost to them, and for Cental Oregon's residents to enjoy music by donation.


Our cabins are now available on AirBnB! Click here or here to check it out.



At Anker Farm, we feature music in the unique Oregon folk/Indie style. We also want to promote other genres, such as Jazz, R&B, and Rock and Roll, and their fusion...

In the summer, we invite musicians to play on our large wrap around deck: it holds 110 people and the pasture beyond  is the dance floor!  Expect about 6 concerts over the summer. Over the next couple of years, we hope to finish the 2500 ft² hayloft of the original dairy barn built in 1926 as the official Anker Farm music venue, open year-round. 




We focus on heritage breeds: those that have been minimally modified, in-bred, commercialized, or otherwise messed up by humans. 

We love our animals, have daily physical contact with them, and we treat them with respect.  We feed them the grass and weeds on our farm that have not been doctored with for over twenty years, as well as the best organic, non-GMO, non-soy feeds from Scratch and Peck. The pigs, goats, and sheep all have views of the Cascades (the chickens are too short). 



Vegetables & fruit

To complement our meats, we'll grow organic vegetations and herbs in our garden. We have constructed raised beds to the south of our barn. First the pigs were there, then the geese found a home, now the plants reign! 


Nan is searching for orchard trees that will survive the next 80 years and a different climate than we have today: hotter, drier summers, but still the infrequent but extreme cold we experience in the winter. She has hardy native plum seeds, and zone 4 apples and pears. She hopes to obtain seeds of the original non-genetically modified American Chestnut which should do well here and provide a plant-based protein.


The third phase will be to convert the old 2000 ft² potato barn into a hydronically heated greenhouse. Nan hopes to grow Bend's first mango, banana, and avocados -- the trees (in our house now) were started years ago from favorite varieties of the fruit.