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We focus on Freedom Ranger chickens because they are a hardy, dual-purpose breed, producing large, creamy eggs, and absolutely delicious meat. Our birds are outside during the day (except when its raining or there is deep snow: our hens are fair weather hens!). They come into a double stall at night to keep them safe from predators and as a haven from extreme cold in the winter. They eat a variety of grasses, clover, buckwheat, and weeds, along with the wonderful organic, non-GMO, non-soy feed from Scratch and Peck.  Because of the composition of this high quality feed, the eggs are rich in omega-3 fats -- healthier for you and the chickens!

Freedom Ranger chickens


The Freedom Ranger (sometimes called 'Red Ranger') was first developed in France in the 1960s. They were bred to meet the standards of the French program, Label Rouge: many restaurants in France use them.  In 2000, these birds were brought to the United States by way of Canada.  


Freedom Rangers are a slower growing breed: it takes them 26 weeks to grow to four or five pounds, vs. 10 weeks or less for "factory" breeds like the Cornish Cross. Because of this they have fewer health problems than the Cornish hybrids, are hardier, and thrive in a free-range environment.


Freedom Rangers are said to possess a better flavor than the industrial Cornish hybrids. More natural methods to raise them, and high quality food contribute to a delicious roast chicken. Free range chickens like ours results in a healthier, more nutritious and better tasting chicken.



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