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Our cabin is available on AirBNB now, come and stay with us at our historic farm!  You can make reservations at AirBNB any time or, in special circumstances, book directly after discussing price and availability with us.  Please come see us and enjoy Central Oregon in our original settlers cabin that was built in 1911 by the Brädetich brothers who were Bend's main dairy for quite some time!


The cabin was fully modernized by us in 2015, has hydronic [radiant] heat, hot water on demand and sleeps up to two adults or two adults and a kid:)  It also has a washer/ dryer and a full kitchen, so you will have all the conveniences from home, minus a dishwasher.  We have very fast wireless internet should you need it, but we chose not to install a TV, as it seems contrary to the purpose of visiting here in the first place.

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