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To order or ask questions, please call 541.241.7793 or email us




All our animals are fed pesticide/herbicide-free grass and weeds on our farm, hay (grown locally), and a small amount of grains (late pregnancy, early lactation) that are 100% organic, non-GMO and soy-free.  Except when treating a specific infection or disease, our animals are not given any medicine whatsoever. Within a day of birth, our lambs are given an injection of boron and selenium, micronutrients that are essential to muscle development: central Oregon soils are deficient, and so then are the plants and the animals that graze on them.


Sheep and sheep meat have three names related to their age: 1) Lamb = an animal less than 14 months old, 2) hogget = an animal between 14 and 24 months and 3) mutton = animals older than 24 months. For more information check here or here


Other definitions are: 1) live weight = the weight of the living animal on the hoof, 2) hanging weight = the animal carcass minus skin, head and innards, and 3) cut and wrapped = what you take out of the freezer and prepare to cook.  Accepted rules of thumb are that if live weight is 100%, hanging weight is approximately 50% and cut and wrap weight ± 35%.


All animals must be purchased as a live animal in a minimum quantity of half an animal.  Anker Farm can help find a partner to purchase a whole animal together.  



  • All animals must be purchased prior to slaughter, with a $150 deposit and balance due upon delivery. 

  • Lamb (up to 14 months old) is $8/lb hanging weight.  Hanging weight of lambs ranges between 28 to 38 lbs.

  • Hogget (14 months to 2 yrs) and mutton (> 2 yrs) are $7/lb hanging weight. Their hanging weight ranges between 35 to 45 lbs.  

  • There are various options on butchering. Give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss them with you.

  • Live animals are also available for purchase. Their price depends on their age, weight, and gender.


  • Depending on the time of year, live pullets are available for $15/each.

  • EGGS from organic, high omega 3 grain and grass-fed chickens: $5/dozen.


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